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Texans For Israel Media Announces New Network

Texans For Israel Media is proud to announce the creation of the Israel TV Network.  ITVN is an IPTV Network that will feature over twenty 24 hour streaming channels of programming that are Pro-Faith, Pro-America and Pro-Israel.  ITVN will feature many of the top names in the Political, Religious, and Entertainment world who are all united by a love for one another and a love for the nation of Israel.

ITVN will be experienced on over 30 platforms and can be accessed by every modern mobile device.  Among its growing list of channels, ITVN features a Christian Channel, a Jewish Channel and a Messianic Channel, as well as other special channels such as the Music Channel, Men’s and Women’s Channel, Product Channel and more.  Like minded Local, Regional, National and Global businesses and organizations will have opportunities to advertise on this global IPTV Network.  ITVN is based in Amarillo, TX.