Season 1 Episode 14 Season 1 Episode 13 Season 1 Episode 12 Season 1 Episode 11 Season 1 Episode 10 Season 1 Episode 9 Season 1 Episode 8 Season 1 Episode 7 Season 1 Episode 4 Season 1 Episode 3 Season 1 Episode 6 Season 1 Episode 2 Season 1 Episode 5 Impact Ministries_s01e15 Impact Ministries_s01e16 Impact Ministries_s01e17 Impact Ministries_s01e18 Impact Ministries_s01e19 Impact Ministries_s01e20 (Bringing Pleasure to God) Impact Ministries_s01e21 (Experiencing Perfect Love) Impact Ministries_s01e22 (The Root of Emotional Stability) Impact Ministries_s01e24 (Choosing the Love You Desire to Experience) Impact Ministries_s01e25 (Why Can’t I Feel God’s Love) Impact Ministries_s01e26 (Wrath Satisfied Love Revealed) Impact Ministries_s01e27 Impact Ministries_s01e28 Impact Ministries_s01e29 Impact Ministries_s01e30 Impact Ministries_s01e31 Impact Ministries_s01e32 (The Problem with Perception) Impact Ministries_s01e33 (The Most Important Decision of Your Life) Impact Ministries_s01e34 (The Sin Job Didn’t Commit) Impact Ministries_s01e35 (Connecting to the Heart of God) Impact Ministries_s01e36 (Recovering Your Destiny) Impact Ministries_s01e37 (The Place of Exchange) Impact Ministries_s01e38 (The Path of Peace) Impact Ministries_s01e39 (The Blood of Jesus) Impact Ministries_s01e40 (Faith and Grace – First to Last) Impact Ministries_s01e41 (Not Just Any Peace) Impact Ministries_s01e43 (The Ultimate Celebration) Impact Ministries_s01e44 (Jesus, The Peace Offering) Impact Ministries_s01e49 (Magnifying Christ in Me) Impact Ministries_s01e48 (Seeing Christ in Me) Impact Ministries_s01e45 (The Path to Peace) Impact Ministries_s01e46 (Beholding the Glory of God) Impact Ministries_s01e47 (The Glory of God in You) Impact Ministries_s02e01 (Starting Over) Impact Ministries_s02e02 (Keys to the Kingdom) Impact Ministries_s02e03 (Bringing Heaven to Earth) Impact Ministries_s02e04 (Connecting to God as Father) Impact Ministries_s02e05 (My Formula Doesn’t Work)

Impact Ministries_s01e03

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