Dr. Rik Wadge

Host / The Interview & Discovering the Jewish Roots

Dr. Rik Wadge served as a pastor for over twenty years. His interest in uncovering the original message of the New Testament within first-century Judaism, led him into post-graduate studies in Rabbinic Judaism. He earned his Doctorate in Theology and his Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling, and has spent over three decades studying the cultural and linguistic background of the Bible.  Dr. Wadge was the host of the TV show “Digging the Truth” on the GLC network, and former Executive Director and Executive Producer at BibleInteract.tv.

Dr. Wadge is currently the Host of “The Interview” and “Discovering Jewish Roots” and serves as Executive Director & Producer for Israel TV Network. He is the author “Discovering the Jewish Roots Commentary Series: The Letter to the Ephesians; The Gospel of Matthew; and The Book of James”.

Dr. Wadge also continues teaching the Jewish Roots in different parts of the country.